Ares Diversified Credit Fund

Update of Information

Date of issue | 21 March 2022

Update to buy and sell spreads

The buy/sell spread is a type of transaction cost incurred when buying and selling the underlying assets of the portfolio. The purpose of the buy/sell spread is to ensure that only those investors transacting in a Fund’s units at a particular time bear the costs of buying and selling the assets as a consequence of their transaction.The spreads will reflect costs such as brokerage, foreign exchange hedging costs, stamp duty, underlying security spreads and other government taxes or charges.

Buy/sell spreads applied to Funds will be adjusted up or down over time in line with sustained changes in transaction costs experienced by a Fund.

The Responsible Entity has reviewed current transaction costs and determined to adjust the buy/sell spreads for the Fund listed in the table below. These changes apply to transactions effective 21 March 2022.

We will continue to monitor transaction costs in the market on a daily basis and adjust the buy/sell spreads accordingly. This means the buy/sell spread may vary day to day and could fluctuate significantly.

Buy and sell spreads will be determined and applied in the same manner as disclosed in the Fund’s offer document, which can be found on our website, or by contacting our Investor Services team on 13 51 53, during Sydney business hours.

Effective 21 March 2022, buy/sell spreads will be as set out in the table below:

FundAPIR CodePrevious Buy / Sell SpreadCurrent Buy / Sell Spread
(as at 21 March 2022)
Ares Diversified Credit FundHOW7354AU +0.15% / -0.00% +0.25% / -0.00%