PDF 3,717k / May 04 / 2021
The inaugural sustainability report, Catalyzing a Better Future, articulates Ares’ overarching ESG strategy, establishes a benchmark for progress against key material issues and provides transparency for long-term ambitions.

ESG Integration

Ares Australia Management’s approach to sustainability is anchored and backed by Ares’ leadership in both Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investment programs.

At Ares, we believe a clear and compelling sustainability vision is a prerequisite to delivering maximum positive impact. Our program flows seamlessly from our culture, animating each of our employees’ day-to-day work, ultimately enabling us to act swiftly with a single Ares voice.

We pursue an ESG strategy that is designed to address the most material issues to our business, starting with a Corporate Sustainability program – how we lead by example through our own corporate operations – and then scaling through a Responsible Investment program – how we amplify our impact through our investment platform.

We believe that by being a leader for integration of environmental, social and corporate governance factors in our business, we can in turn drive greater adoption within our investment and portfolio management processes and help create better investment outcomes.

Whether it’s protecting and growing the capital of our clients, creating long-term value for our shareholders or aligning our interests with business partners, we are committed to supporting sustainable practices that generate positive environmental and social impact – not just now, but for years to come.

Ares has taken an important step in our ESG journey with the launch of the Ares Sustainability Report, which we believe will set a benchmark for our progress to date and provide insight into the ambitious future that we are charting in the years to come.

Learn more about Ares’ ESG approach and commitment to supporting sustainable practices.

^References to “downside protection” or similar language are not guarantees against loss of investment capital or value. Diversification does not assure profit or protect against market loss.