Media & Press Releases

November 2023
Press release: Global credit offers upside for investors into 2024

Ares discusses how investing in global credit strategies can offer investors attractive go-forward returns as interest rates level off and the default environment is proving better than anticipated.

May 2023
Livewire: The US$150 billion opportunity opening up to Australian investors

For Ares Management Corporation's Andrew Pike, it's all about the value-add that funds can bring to their clients.

July 2022
AFR: Credit markets too bearish, say Ares analysts

Ares Portfolio Managers Samantha Milner and Boris Okuliar discuss global credit markets and where they see compelling return opportunities for investors.

July 2022
Press release: Ares Global Credit Income Fund added to four more platforms

The Ares Global Credit Income Fund has been added to four investment platforms since March, bringing the number of platforms on which the Fund is available to six.

February 2022
Press Release: Ares Global Credit Income Fund receives second Recommended rating

The Ares Global Credit Income Fund has received a ‘Recommended’ rating from investment research provider, Lonsec.

November 2021
Private Debt Investor: Australian Private Debt shows nascent growth

Teiki Benveniste speaks with Private Debt Investor Magazine about the demand for private debt in Australia as an important alternative to the banks.

June 2021
Fixated Podcast: Credit Quality with Teiki Benveniste

This week we lift the lid on credit with Teiki Benveniste, Head of Ares Australia Management. We talk in depth about inflation, credit quality, investment-grade and sub investment-grade credit ratings, default probabilities and what the market has done in the last 12 months.

June 2021
Capturing attractive opportunities in global credit markets

Teiki and Samantha touch on how Ares has navigated volatility during the crisis, which fixed income assets have performed well and how the Ares Global Credit Income Fund has taken advantage of market dislocations.

May 2021
Press Release: Ares Global Credit Income Fund achieves performance and rating milestones in first year

The Ares Global Credit Income Fund (the “Fund”) has capped its first year of availability to Australian investors with 12.13%* returns net of fees and an initial ‘Recommended’ rating from investment research provider Zenith Investment Partners.

February 2021
FINA Interview with Teiki Benveniste: Head of Ares Australia Management

Fixed Income News Australia interviewed Head of Ares Australia Management Teiki Benveniste to get a behind the scenes look at the new Ares Diversified Credit Fund.

November 2020
Ares Australia Management Launches Ares Diversified Credit Fund

Unlisted Open-Ended Fund Targets High Single-Digit Annual Net Returns and Monthly Income

June 2020
Harnessing the $5 trillion income opportunity

Many investors have climbed to new heights on the risk curve, seeking income opportunities in this environment of record-low interest rates and persistently low inflation.

May 2020
Strategic Joint Venture Announced

Ares Management Corporation and Fidante Partners Announce Strategic Joint Venture in Australia

May 2020
Ares Australia Management launches Ares Global Credit Income Fund

The Fund offers Australian investors access to a higher income strategy with a focus on capital preservation and additional diversification from traditional investments in their portfolios