Video: How to avoid credit investing mistakes as rates rise and the geopolitical crises escalates

22 April 2022

The following was produced and published by Livewire on 22 April 2022.

“Get back to basics” and “Don’t make mistakes” – easily said, often difficult in practise. But they’re key for credit investors seeking to navigate the current market volatility.

Against the backdrop of geopolitical and economic upheaval fuelled by the war in Ukraine and rising inflation, the US Federal Reserve has lifted rates for the first time since 2018: “Many things are changing but some things aren’t,” said Teiki Benveniste, Head of Ares Australia Management.

“Don’t make credit mistakes and minimise defaults in your book of credit assets. And if you can’t avoid them, get as much capital back as you can,” he says.

What’s changing? We’re seeing wider dispersion between fixed-rate, floating-rate, liquid and illiquid, and investment-grade and sub-investment-grade credit asset classes, says Benveniste.

What’s not changing? He doesn’t expect a rush of defaults or a broad-based selloff in credit and views the fundamentals as sound, particularly in the US, where corporate balance sheets are strong and unemployment is at historic lows.

In the interview above, Benveniste explains what the above dynamics mean and how to optimise your fixed-income exposures in this environment.

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