Video: Teiki Benveniste shares his latest Expert Insights with Livewire.

13 September 2023

The following was produced and published by Livewire on 13 September 2023.

Fixed or floating rate investments? Why not have both

Teiki Benveniste from Ares shares his insights into the credit market and explains the opportunities he is pursuing.

Bonds can be complex at the best of times. Yields, coupons, duration, quality – these are all elements that need to be considered. 

Perhaps more importantly, however, you need to marry the prevalent market conditions, to the characteristics of the instrument you are investing in. 

That’s what Teiki Benveniste does for the Ares Global Credit Income Fund, choosing between fixed and floating, homegrown and global, short and long duration, and varying degrees of quality. 

In this Expert Insights, Benveniste breaks down the credit market along the dimensions discussed above, and explains how and where he is seeing value. 

 Note: This interview was filmed on Wednesday 9 August 2023.