Video: The strategy finding the ‘sweet spot’ over many years, through many cycles

22 June 2023

The following was produced and published by Livewire on 21 June 2023.

The Ares Global Credit Income Fund has delivered attractive risk-adjusted returns since its inception.

The Ares Global Credit Income Fund (“the Fund”) employs a strategy that is all about finding the ‘sweet spot’ of credit markets. More specifically, Ares is focused on credit asset classes that, over the years, have exhibited what we believe are attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Their main characteristics are high levels of income, being senior secured in the capital structure, generally being floating rate, or being short duration.

These are characteristics that we find quite attractive and provide diversification to investors’ portfolios. In the Ares Global Credit Income Fund, we dynamically invest across these asset classes, seek the best relative value opportunities, and deliver enhanced yield for our investors.

In this Fund in Focus presentation, Teiki Benveniste provides an overview of the Fund and discusses Ares’ approach to investing. Teiki also explains the opportunity set right now, highlighting which areas of the market he finds particularly attractive.